Secondary PPGI/PPGL

  1. stock thickness: 0.3-0.8mm
  2. stock width: 1000mm/1200mm
  3. defect reason: scratch, overheat and color difference
  4. monthly amount 600 tons and above


Every month, there is 400-500 tons of secondary ppgi and ppgl, which is available for clients who are in need of secondary quality ones.

how to define secondary quality,


  1. scratches

if there is some scratches, 3 points per square meter, it is will be classified into secondary qulity ones.


2. overheat

When the prepainting machine is under adjusting, the product in the furnace will be overheated, the top painting will be broken,

but the back painting is still there. 20-30% of secondary product has this problem


3. color difference.

If there is color difference, we will make it into secondary quality. there is 50% of secondary ppgi and ppgl has this problem.


Our secondary prodcuts price is much more cheaper than the market, welcome to inquiry with us. [email protected]